3 Ways to Find Out If The Grease Traps in Your Olathe Home Need Replacement

grease traps repair ShawneeA grease trap is something every busy kitchen should never go without. They are beneficial to the health of the environment, as well as to the health of the restaurant personnel and their customers. When poorly maintained, grease traps can be very problematic.

Here are three ways to find out if your grease trap needs to be replaced.

  1. The most obvious symptom that your grease trap needs replacement is the clogging of drains. Grease traps are meant to intercept grease so as not to prevent such clogging. If clogging has become a redundant problem in your kitchen despite regular cleaning of the pipes, the solution may lie simply in the replacement of the grease traps.
  2. Another obvious symptom that a grease trap is in dire need of replacement is the distinctive stench emanating from it or from the connecting drains. There’s nothing worse for your food business than a foul-smelling kitchen. If this is the case, you should immediately take action before your customers start to notice, get put off, and leave your restaurant for good.

If you have already had it checked and cleaned by a kitchen staff member but with no apparent improvement, contacting a professional service provider might be a good idea. A skilled and experienced technician will be able to assess the condition of your grease traps and advise you regarding your next plan of action. He will make an informed decision to repair or to replace.

  1. Aside from a smelly grease trap or drain, other symptoms pointing to major grease trap issues are smelly sewers and drain flies (sewer gnats). While virtually harmless and although they do not bite, drain flies reproduce rapidly and have been found to be carriers of pathogenic bacteria. In other words, they are really bad for your food business.

The presence of drain flies simply means that there is a breach in quality assurance & food safety practices. This is a potential health code violation that can get you sued and your food business shut down. You can get rid of this pestilence simply by having your grease traps checked, repaired, or replaced.

When it comes to checking, repair and replacement of grease traps and its parts, it is best to call a reliable Shawnee plumber. You will not only get peace of mind, but you will also save time, money and effort.