How to Install a Faucet in Your Miami Home

plumbing contractor MiamiInstalling or replacing a faucet can be straightforward if you have the right tools at hand. To save you money from professional fees and other expenses, it is best to install or replace the faucet yourself. Here are the steps to do it.

Step 1. Inspect the openings. Probe the sink for openings and their distance together. Bathroom faucets, in particular, have two handles that may be connected to the spout to form a single unit, or they may be set up apart. This information will be helpful for proper faucet installation or replacement.

Step 2. Turn off the water supply.  There are generally two valves for water supply, one for hot water and another for cold. Turn them off by twisting the valves clockwise to stop water from running in the tubes.

Step 3. Put the faucet replacement in position.

For proper faucet installation:

  • Start by positioning the gasket and the faucet on the sink.
  • From beneath the sink, thread the mounting nuts into the shanks. Make sure that the flat, wide side part of the mounting nut is up.
  • Screw the mounting nuts tight but not too tight to damage it or make it difficult for future replacements.

Step 4.  Connect the water supply. Water is typically supplied by the water-supply tubes. To connect it properly, make sure you take note of the following steps.

  • Cover the threads of the water supply valve with plumbers tape.
  • Thread the nut into the shut-off valve and secure with a wrench.
  • Wrap the faucet shanks threads with plumbers tape and thread the water supply nut against the faucet shanks.
  • Secure the nut with a wrench.

Step 5. Clean the faucet by flushing. Make sure that the water supply is clean by running water into the faucet to flush trapped debris off of it.  Trapped debris can impair the sealing surfaces inside the faucet and trigger leaks.

  • Open the water supply valves beneath the sink.
  • Let water run for 15 seconds to remove residues and trapped particles off the tube.

However, if you feel that this isn’t really your thing, it is recommended that you hire a professional Miami plumber to do the task. With one short call, you will save time, money and effort.